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In addition to the Nicene Creed, Holy Communion of Churches makes the following statements about our Christian faith:

 We are Trinitarian, in that we believe in the salvific work of the Trinity. We are incarnational, in that we believe that Christ, as Son of God, came in the flesh to redeem the Father’s creation.

We are Pentecostal/Charismatic, in that we believe in the work of the Spirit, in the historical Church, in the teachings of the doctrines of the Church, in the lives of the saints, and each of us today.

We believe, as do all Orthodox and Western liturgical Churches, in the existence of a single God, who is characterized as creator that is as the origin of all that exists, and as almighty, that is beyond compare in might, rule, time and being. There is no other God beside him and in him only do we move and live.

We believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son who was with the Father from time immemorial, before the foundations of the world. We believe that in his great mercy, God sent his very Son to save the world. That eternal, divine Son took flesh and became man in the person of Jesus, son of Mary. He who knew no sin became of the same nature as the fallen creation to redeem it by his blood on the cross. Through his death, resurrection and ascension, Christ atoned for the sin of Adam, and made us God’s children. He became man so that men and women may return to God.


We behold Mary as Theotokos, as God Bearer, as the vessel for the human birth of Christ, who was truly God yet also truly man. Mary is to be blessed in every generation as the one who brought forth the incarnation of God. God saw it fit to choose a young maiden to bear his Son and thus we must continually respect, praise and magnify her.

We believe that in the fullness of time, Christ will return in his great glory to bring the fold back to Himself and establish his kingdom, where all may dwell in the blessed presence of the Almighty.

We believe in the third person of the Trinity, who was in the beginning and continues to reign in and over our lives. We believe that the Spirit was the inspiration of the ancient prophets, of the doctrines at the ecumenical councils, of the prophets and teachers of today. We believe that the Spirit informs the reason of men and women and thus, alongside the traditions of the Church, helps us deal with present-day crises and issues.

We believe that we are part of a greater body of Christians, who have worshiped and glorified God since the days of the Apostles, from these Apostles and the hand of Christ came a lineage of which we are part, the Apostolic Succession. This means that from Christ laying hands over the Apostles and commanding them to go out into the world to preach the Good News, generations of church leaders have carried on that great commissions. These leaders were (and are still) called bishops, or overseers. Our lineage comes from Thomas, Apostle and first Bishop of India.

We believe in the “catholic” Church, meaning the universal Church, the Church founded by Christ and delivered to us through the ages by Holy Tradition. We celebrate the divine mysteries (sacraments) and we strive to live by the two great commandments of our Lord, “Love the Lord your God with all you heart, mind, and strength” and “Love thy neighbor as thy self”.


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